Why Choose Us – Best Hotels & Resorts in Chakrata | by Traveling Sadhu

We are a group of passionate travellers who are inspired by the journey of a Sadhu.

We travel, experience and share the great destinations, hotels and people we have met during our journey.

We have stayed at these hotels and experienced the services ourself. All the Hotels & Resorts are hand-picked during our traveling Journey. These properties are Well Maintained, have Great Services and The Best Staff - without which a traveling experience may not go as good.

A Sadhu loves peace and harmony of nature and travels to find new adventures, lessons and sometimes deep answers about life, or maybe about Oneself!

Blah! Blah! Hotel Booking Companies are not giving this First Hand Experience which we have as
" the Cherry on the Cake"
- It is what makes us handsomely unique 🙂

Let us plan your next Tour in the holyland of Uttarakhand. There are many unexplored place in Uttarakhand.

The people of mountains are very Humble & Disciplined which makes them Traveler Friendly & full of life.

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